chocolate chip coffee cookies

January 31, 2011 at 3:36 pm (Cookies) (, , )

Okay, here goes. Pardon my mediocre photography skills. And despite their rough appearance, these cookies are quite tasty.

My first post ever will be on the recipe I’ve probably baked the most. I was watching Food Network Challenge, and the contestants had to make several different cookies. One woman made chocolate espresso cookies, and when I saw them, I knew I wanted some. Which is weird, because I don’t really like coffee. But anyway, since I am not as fancypants at the people on Food Network, I decided just to use plain coffee instead of espresso. Also I already had it, and I am lazy, so it was easier.

I searched the net for various coffee cookie recipes. Once I had selected one, I started taking notes on reviews it had received and what I thought of their ingredients. I altered the recipe so much that I am calling it my own. It took 6 tries to get it right, but I finally got something I’m proud of.

(At the very end of this is just the recipe for you guys who don’t want the adventure or need a summary. This will happen in every entry!)

And here we go…


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